Welcome to Boulder Mac Repair!
Do you have a sad mac? Or maybe just a slow one? Is your Macbook or iMac making strange sounds or not starting up? Does your iPod have a weak/dead battery or not working the way it should? Then you've come to the right place for affordable and reliable Apple computer repair!

Boulder Mac Repair is Colorado's best choice for people and businesses on a budget, in many cases our typical charge is less than $90. We understand that your Mac is important to you, and so is your money. Call today for a honest and compassionate quote!

News update! Have a broken iPad?, Boulder Mac Repair announces iPad glass replacements!                  

Did you know?
In addition to fixing and restoring broken Macs and iPods, we also repair sad iPads and iPhones, Click here for more info!

Hours: 10AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM Saturday - Phone: 720-565-0449 - No appointment needed

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