Let us pick up the pieces.
Screens shatter. Batteries weaken. We know you probably live on your phone, which is why we offer super-fast screen and battery replacement on all iPhone models. Typically repairs takes less than 30 minutes. All parts are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and all techs are Apple Certified. Your phone will feel right at home in our hands.

iPhone 6 Plus Repair

Bigger screen, bigger problems.
Let's assume, for a second, that your skinny jeans didn't bend your iPhone 6 Plus. What we imagine happened is that your iPhone 6 Plus took a fall, either on something hard or in something wet (or both). Fortunately, this is a non-issue. Broken glass and water damage are iPhone 6 Plus issues that we see — and repair — every day.

iPhone 6 Repair

Shiny. New. Shattered.
Putting a case on that ultra-thin iPhone 6 feels like taking a shower with your clothes on. We support you enjoying your device to its fullest and we will always fix your broken iPhone 6 screen for our listed price. Any water-damaged pieces will be fixed or replaced with actual Apple OEM parts.

iPhone 5s Repair

Keep on Keepin’ On.
We get it — you want to hang on to that upgrade. There's more to be had out of your iPhone 5S. We're here to make sure that your 5S has the lifetime you need it to, rather than what they want it to.

iPhone 5c Repair

Yellow, Blue, Green, Broken.
You like the way your iPhone 5C looks. it’s snazzy, and you want to keep it a while longer. Let us take a look at your broken iPhone 5C — chances are, we’ll hand it back in perfect working order.

iPhone 5 Repair

Mid-life crisis.
The iPhone 5 heralded some very significant upgrades over its predecessor. Now, it serves as a remembrance of the good old days. Days when phones actually fit in your hand, and you could text with just one thumb. Never fear — we’ll repair your iPhone 5 so that you can one-hand-text for years to come.

iPhone 4s Repair

Small, brick-like, but not so sturdy.
Glass in the front. Glass in the back. This phone was meant to shatter. Fortunately, replacing both the front and/or the back of the iPhone 4s can be done in little-to-no time.

iPhone 4 Repair

It may be old, but it sure is broken.
Congratulations on keeping your iPhone 4 as long as you have — we don’t expect to see you around here often. Alas, with time comes change. Your iPhone 4 spent some time at the bottom of the toilet, on a concrete sidewalk, or just up and died. we’ll bring your iPhone 4 back to life at a lowest-possible cost / time investment from you.
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