Local Business Solutions

Your Business is Our Business.
Time equals productivity equals money. While not everybody can afford an in-house IT department, Boulder Mac Repair is ready to help get (and keep) your business running.
Custom Packages

You are unique, and so are your needs. We’ll offer a laundry list of services for you to pick and choose from, including:

● Monthly maintenance (disk diagnostics, repair and optimization, security and application updates, etc.)

● New computer migration assistance

● Tune ups

● Networking

● Backups and media management

● Hardware and software training

On Your Time
Emergencies are never convenient. Call us when it all hits the fan and we’ll be over in a jiff.​ Same day service available.
Always the Right Price
Most outsourced IT solutions are massively overpriced and oftentimes include services that you don’t need. Our services are fairly priced, a la carte or as part of a package. Call for your custom solution build today!

We understand that your livelihood may very well depend on your computer. We also understand that you may not be able to pay to fix your broken computer. This sort of catch-22 is no fun for anyone.

We want to help you, which is why we do a free repair and/or upgrade every month. If you need us, please send us a detailed email explaining your situation.

Proudly Employing Only Macintosh Certified Technicians
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