Broken iPod Classic

Professional iPod Repair Services at Boulder Mac Repair

Music Is Freedom.

Even your trusty iPod can go down every once in a while. If it’s not playing music, misplacing songs, or giving you the ‘sad iPod’ face, don’t throw it away! We can also upgrade the battery so that it’s back to (or well beyond) its former glory, with an estimated 15-20 hour battery life.

Your beloved iPod is more than just a music player; it's a gateway to your favorite tunes and cherished memories. But what do you do when your trusty companion starts showing signs of wear and tear? Don't worry - at Boulder Mac Repair, we specialize in providing top-notch iPod repair services to keep the music alive.

iPod Battery Replacement for Extended Listening Pleasure

Is your iPod struggling to hold a charge? Are you finding yourself constantly reaching for the charger? Our expert technicians at Boulder Mac Repair can replace your iPod's battery, restoring it to its former glory and beyond. With our battery upgrade, you can enjoy an estimated 15-20 hours of uninterrupted music playback, ensuring that your favorite tunes keep playing as long as you do.

iPod Screen Repair to Restore Visual Clarity

Accidents happen, and your iPod's screen may bear the brunt of it. Whether it's cracked, scratched, or displaying visual abnormalities, our skilled team can provide professional iPod screen repair services. We use high-quality replacement screens and precise techniques to restore the visual clarity you deserve. Say goodbye to blurry visuals and enjoy your music with a crystal-clear screen.

iPod Charging Port and Headphone Jack Repair for Seamless Connectivity

Experiencing difficulty in charging your iPod or connecting your headphones? Our knowledgeable technicians have the expertise to repair faulty charging ports and headphone jacks, ensuring seamless connectivity and hassle-free music enjoyment. Don't let connectivity issues get in the way of your iPod experience - trust Boulder Mac Repair to get you back in tune.

iPod Classic Repair Services and More

At Boulder Mac Repair, we cater to all iPod models, including the iconic iPod Classic. Whether you own an iPod Touch, iPod Video or iPod Classic iPod Nano, or any other iPod model, our skilled technicians have the know-how to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues. From software glitches to hardware malfunctions, we've got you covered with our comprehensive iPod repair services.

We offer SSD upgrades for iPod classic that make the device more durable and increase life as well as new features such as Bluetooth and USB C connectivity.

When you choose Boulder Mac Repair, you're choosing a team dedicated to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are highly trained, and we only use genuine parts for all our repairs, guaranteeing the longevity of your device.

Contact Boulder Mac Repair today to breathe new life into your iPod. Give us a call at 720-565-0449 or leave us a message on our Contact page. Our friendly team is ready to assist you with any iPod repair needs you may have. Don't let your music suffer - trust the professionals at Boulder Mac Repair for all your iPod repair requirements.