Boulder, Colorado's best choice for Apple device repair for you and your business
Boulder Mac Repair is Colorado’s best choice for Apple device repair for you and your business.​ We understand that your Mac, iPhone and iPad are important to you, and so is your m​oney. ​A typical charge for repair is less than $90 — where the Apple Store might charge somewhere near $​350.​ Call or stop by one our 3 locations today for a​n ​honest and compassionate quote!
Fix, Sell, Learn, & More.
Do you have a sad or slow Mac? Want to sell your MacBook or old i​Pad?​ Need an upgrade or some help learning about an Apple product? You’ve come to the right place for affordable and reliable Apple product repair!
iPhone Repair
Screens shatter. Batteries weaken. We know you probably live on your phone, which is why we offer super-fast screen and battery replacement on all iPhone models. Typically repairs takes less than 30 minutes.
Mac Repair
Your Mac is likely one of your more valuable (and more prized) possessions. With it, you can create amazing things. To do so, however, it needs to work. This is where Boulder Mac Repair comes in.
Upgrade your Mac
Perhaps you need more from your computer than you once did. Fortunately, most Macs are built to be upgraded. Boulder Mac Repair can install larger a​nd faster ​hard drives, more RAM, a​nd newer software.​
Buy or sell your Mac
Are you looking to upgrade from your old Mac? We offer a wide range of refurbished MacBooks, iMacs and MacBook Pros for less than half of what the Apple Store offers for a brand new one!
Data Recovery
Our data recovery service specializes in recovering your photos, m​usic,​ documents, and — as a general rule — most important files. As long as the data is actually recoverable, we’ll track down your data.
On Site + House Call
We don’t think you should have to leave the comfort of your home just because your Mac is acting up. So, we’ll come to you and fix your broken Mac right then and there. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know when you’ll be available.​
iPod Repair + Upgrades
Even your trusty iPod can go down every once in a while. If it’s not playing music, misplacing songs, or giving you the ‘sad iPod’ face, don’t throw it away! We can also upgrade the battery so that it’s back to (or well beyond) its former glory.
Mail-In Service
Don’t live close and need to mail your Apple device in? Just complete our Mail-In form to begin the repair process.
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