Frequently Asked Questions

Before you take the time to come in, check the list below and see if we can answer one of your questions right here and now.
Are you less expensive than the Apple Store?
When it comes to repair costs, we almost always offer a more budget-friendly solution compared to the Apple Store. Typically, our charges are half of what Apple charges, allowing you to save significantly. Our repair services are not only cost-effective but also much faster, ensuring you get your Apple device back in working condition in no time.
Can the functionality of my laptop be impacted by liquid spills such as beer, wine, or water?
Liquid spills, such as beer, wine, or water, can indeed impact the functionality of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MackBook Air. From short circuits and electrical damage to corrosion, malfunctions, and potential data loss, the consequences can be severe. It's essential to act quickly, turn off the laptop, and seek professional assistance from Boulder Mac Repair to minimize the damage caused by a liquid spill.
How long does a Mac repair take?
On average, Mac computer repairs can take 2-3 days. We also offer a RUSH Apple computer repair service where most of the time we can get it fixed same day.
What distinguishes your computer repair store from others and why should I choose your Mac repair services over others?
Boulder Mac Repair has been in business for over 20 years, our technicians are Apple Certified, we use only the highest quality parts and know what we are doing. We specialize in Apple repair services, nothing else.
Do you provide computer repair services for Windows computers?
No, we specialize in Apple products and do not offer services for Windows computers. It's always advisable to choose a trusted computer repair shop that focuses on the specific brand or operating system you need assistance with. Attempting to fix a Mac at a PC shop often leads to unfavorable outcomes.
My Mac is running slow, is it time to replace it? Should I invest in a new one?
In many cases, purchasing a new Mac is not the optimal solution. We offer services such as Super Tune-ups to optimize your Mac, making it faster than its initial performance, and at a budget-friendly cost.
Why should I choose your phone repair service for my broken iPhone over another shop that charges less?
When it comes to iPhone repairs, many places in Colorado opt for cheap aftermarket parts that tend to break faster and have lower quality. At our Boulder Mac Repair, we prioritize using original parts sourced directly from Apple, ensuring the highest quality available for your device. Additionally, we are proud to stand behind our work and offer a one-month warranty, something that most other places don't provide. Choose us for reliable iPhone repairs that prioritize quality and come with added peace of mind.
My Mac is old, can you still fix it?
Absolutely! Our expertise extends to repairing all Apple products manufactured over the past 20 years. So, whether you have an old MacBook, a powerful Mac Studio machine, or an a new iPhone 14 Pro rest assured that we can fix it.
Is it possible to have my computer repaired under AppleCare?
If your computer is still covered by the Apple warranty, the Apple store is undoubtedly the best option for getting it repaired. However, there may be situations where they claim that the issue is no longer covered under warranty due to user-caused problems. This is where our expertise comes into play to assist you in resolving such concerns.
Apple says you can’t fix iPads or iPhones.
What they mean is that THEY can’t repair them. We do it every day.
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