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Our services span far beyond the realm of cracked screens and dead batteries. Seriously — there’s really not much we can’t do. No matter the issue, let us take a look!
Mac Main Logic Board (MLB) Replacement/Component Repair
Whether it is your Mac Desktop or one of the Mac laptops, if it faces Motherboard problems, it is in need of urgent professional help provided by the best Techs possible. Luckily for you, we have got you covered. MLB controls the communication between major functions of your Mac, including the central processing unit and the memory. Fixing MLB components or replacing it whole, is detrimental for your Mac’s performance.
GPU Repairs/Blank Screen Issue
Distorted video, no video, or unexpected system restarts? Could mean your logic board is giving in. Even though, most likely, the chip needs to be replaced, don’t write your Mac off just yet. Let us assess the damage and save the day. Whether the whole unit needs to be replaced or it requires just a thorough brush up, we will make sure you see no abnormal stripes on your screen.
Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade
Rumor has it, Macs have a bad reputation of being hard to upgrade or repair, yet there is nothing we find impossible to fix in your Mac here in Boulder Mac Repair. SSD is not a mystery to us. If your Mac is in need of a decent quality SSD upgrade, bring the patient over here and our iTechs will give it a proper fix.
Mac's RAM Upgrade
Running slow? Maybe it is time to consider some crucial components upgrades. RAM upgrade is typically performed to speed up your machine and maximize its performance. No need to throw it in the bin yet. Give our Apple-certified Techs a chance to prolong your Mac’s life, bring it, we will execute the RAM upgrade and you’ll shortly forget the slow run ever happened.
Mac Keyboard/Top Case Repair
Depending on the keyboard issue, be it specific characters replacement or the whole board, let our trusted Apple-certified experts examine your Mac and come up with the best solution for the problem you are experiencing.
Port Repair (USB-C/MagSafe)
Whether it is USB-C or MagSafe port that decided to give up on you and your Mac, we can guarantee it will be fixed. USB-C is created to multitask, not only it supports the power of your machine, it also stands for video output and data transfer functions. Just as USB-C, MagSafe ports may suffer wear or damage over time. At Boulder Mac Repair we feel confident, we will be able to either replace it or fix it, so you can proceed to your further actions along with your Mac.
Microphone and Speaker Repair
It is massively inconvenient when a speaker or a microphone on your iPhone or Mac plays a phone tag game, more inconvenient when both go out of order. It disables the whole thing. Not to worry, as microphone and speaker replacement is barely a challenge for our Techs. Bring your wounded soldier over to Boulder Mac Repair and let us take care of it.
Data Migration/Backup
Information is priceless, we know that! So, why not secure it with a solid backup? Or maybe you became a proud owner of a newer Mac model, and are in need of a safe information trip from one machine to another. Depending on requirements or concerns you have regarding your data, Boulder Mac Repair is here to help you with data migration or backup.
Password Reset
Let’s be real, it happens, it happens left and right, we forget our passwords. That’s alright, no brainer, stop by, we will crack it open, reset your forgotten password, and pretend it never happened. Done and done.
iOS Restore
Either way, we can help you to restore or update your operating system, not only on your Mac Computer but also on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch. No need for appointment, drop by, and we will do our best to Restore your iOS to your satisfactory level.
Mac Display Replacement/Black Screen
It flashes and does your head in? Been there, done that. We know how frustrating it could be to watch your iFellow go on and off as it shines or burns. Allow us to look deeper into it and fix it. As let’s be honest, it is not a good enough reason to upgrade just yet, the display might be screwed but its inner parts are still alive and kicking. 
Mac Flashing File Folder Syndrome
If it happens that you are looking at a flashing folder with a question mark, it is sure not the white screen of death and sure is fixable. Don’t even call to arrange an appointment, rock up, and let our specialists take care of it. Most likely it will take a little to no time. We are worth our salt!
Super Tune-Ups
Bring in your desktop and/or laptop and we will make it run faster, cooler and quieter. G​uaranteed.
House Calls / Onsite Service
Invite us over to fix your machine in the comfort of your own home or office.
Data Recovery
We’ll dig into your computer’s hard drive and recover as much data as possible. On average, we charge less than one tenth of what specialized Data Recovery places do, and we can get your data 80% of the time.
Upgrade Your Mac
If it can be replaced, we can upgrade it. If you have a need for speed, more RAM, more storage space, better display capabilities, or even new software, Boulder Mac Repair can help.
Buy or Sell Your Mac
Our refurbished Macs come with a 90-day warranty, and only contain Apple-certified parts. We’re also happy to purchase your old Mac for f​air market value.​
iPod Repair
We repair iPods just like we repair iPhones. Broken screens, bad hard drives, water damage, new battery installation, etc. are all bases we cover.
Local Business Solutions
Boulder Mac Repair will effectively satisfy any and all of your Mac-related IT needs! Stop worrying about productivity downtime and let us take care of your business-related needs. S​ame day service available.
The Water’s Fine!
Did your Mac go for a swim? Fear not! We’re here to evaluate the extent of your liquid damage and — in most cases — restore it to its former glory.
Virus/Adware/Spyware Removal
Sadly, the days of a virus free Mac have ended. Here at Boulder Mac Repair, we now find ourselves doing the unspeakable almost daily, Virus/Adware/Spyware removal on Macs.
Ship it on Over, Red Rover
We’re okay with long-distance relationships. Ship your ailing Apple device over to us — we’ll diagnose, repair, and ship it back (shipping fees may apply). Complete our Mail-In form to begin the repair process.
Hijacked Browsers
Additional unwanted software that modifies your browsing experience is a proper source of unhappiness. You definitely do not want to be directed to a suspicious domain. So let us take care of this problem, bring your Mac over as we have all the tools to delete the unnecessary extensions and make your browsing life easier.
Proudly Employing Only Macintosh Certified Technicians
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