iPad Air 3 Repair

Facing Performance Issues? No brainer!
This priceless beauty of yours is packed with new impressive features that sure consume a lot of energy, let’s be honest you just can’t stop using it! We are here to keep your hopes up, if things do go sideways and it breaks, we will fix it. No need for appointments, just let us take a look at it.
Screen Repair
Hand over your shattered iPad Air 3 and come back in a couple days, and it’ll be good as new. We can even pretend it never happened.
Liquid Damage
Frankly, we don’t need to know how it happened. What matters is that we can repair it, although we’ll need to give you a timing estimate once we’ve had a chance to assess your damaged iPad Air 3.
Battery Upgrade
Your iPad has a certain number of charge “cycles” before it’s ready to throw in the towel. We can upgrade your battery so that its as good as — or better than — new.

Our Hourly Repair Rate is $60/hr however our common repairs are billed a flat rate that usually averages to a lower per hour rate.

Boulder Mac Repair works to get you the best rate on parts, due to availability, shipping variances and other factors part cost change daily. Please contact the shop at 720-565-0449 or hello@bouldermacrepair.com to inquire on current part cost.

Proudly Employing Only Macintosh Certified Technicians
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