Boulder Apple Repair Services

We can fix that.
By the time you’re reading this, you’ve probably already taken your iPhone, iPad or Mac into the Apple store and been told one of two things: “we don’t fix this” or “that’ll be one billion dollars.” We work to provide you with broader service options and a faster, more affordable solution.

If your Mac is slower than it used to be, your MacBook Pro is wearing your morning coffee in the keyboard, or your iPhone is gravitationally-challenged: we can fix it.
iPhone Repair
● iPhone 14 Pro Max
● iPhone 14 Pro
● iPhone 14 Plus
● iPhone 14
● iPhone 13 Pro Max
● iPhone 13 Pro
● iPhone 13 mini
● iPhone 13
● iPhone 12 Pro Max
● iPhone 12 Pro
● iPhone 12 mini
● iPhone 12
● iPhone SE2
● iPhone 11 Pro Max
● iPhone 11 Pro
● iPhone 11
● iPhone XS Max
● iPhone XS
● iPhone XR
● iPhone X
● iPhone 8 Plus
● iPhone 8
● iPhone 7 Plus
● iPhone 7
● iPhone SE
● iPhone 6s Plus
● iPhone 6s
● iPhone 6 Plus Repair
● iPhone 6 Repair
● iPhone 5S Repair
● iPhone 5C Repair
● iPhone 5 Repair
● iPhone 4S Repair
● iPhone 4 Repair
iPad Repair
● iPad Pro 12.9-inch 1, 2, 3, 4
● iPad Pro 11-inch 1, 2
● iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch
● iPad Mini 5
● iPad Mini 2, 3, 4
● iPad Mini with Retina Display
● iPad Mini
● iPad Air 3
● iPad Air 2
● iPad Air
● iPad 7
● iPad 5,6
● iPad 2
● iPad with Retina Display
● iPad Original
Mac Repair
● MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Battery Replacement
● Retina Display Repair
● USB-C and Magsafe Repair
● Touch Bar Repair
● Mac Pro
● Mac Mini
● MacBook ​Repair
● iMac Desktop​ Repair
Time not on your side?
This little device has tons of useful features, not the least of which is showing you the time at a glance. But, not unlike every other beautiful Apple product, they too can suffer damage from time to time. Lucky for you Boulder Mac Repair is there for you when that time comes. We’ve got your back so you can get back to closing those circles in no time.
The Water’s Fine!
Did your Mac go for a swim? Fear not! We’re here to evaluate the extent of your liquid damage and — in most cases — restore it to its former glory.
iPod Repair + Upgrades
Even your trusty iPod can go down every once in a while. If it’s not playing music, misplacing songs, or giving you the ‘sad iPod’ face, don’t throw it away! We can also upgrade the battery so that it’s back to (or well beyond) its former glory.
On Site + House Call
We don’t think you should have to leave the comfort of your home just because your Mac is acting up. So, we’ll come to you and fix your broken Mac right then and there. All you need to do is give us a call and let us know when you’ll be available.​
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