Mac Pro Repair

Pro, Bro.
We get it. You have the coolest computer around. It looks like a spaceship. It cost as much as a spaceship. It's going to outlive us all, provided you let Boulder Mac Repair take care of it when it's sick, or in need of an upgrade.
Failed Hardware or Software Solutions
We're not here to judge how or why your Mac had an accident. Truthfully, repairing it will likely be less expensive than you think. If your hardware's fine, but OSX is giving you trouble, we'll show you how to use it and/or run diagnostics to determine what's going wrong.
and Disk Repair
When your Mac was new, it probably felt faster than it does today. If it's running slowly, or crashing more often than you'd like (or ever!), we can fix it.
Upgrade your Mac
Not ready to make the Big Investment? Bring in your older Mac for an upgraded hard drive and/or more RAM. Give us a call for pricing!
Proudly Employing Only Macintosh Certified Technicians
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